PART 3 - Additional Features


In PART 2 we explored the basic options of Zinepal. Now we'll look at some of the additional features specific to a finalized eBook.

Features (Log in to your account and review features)

Click on "Login"

When you are logged in you will be presented with a "view" of all your created eBooks.

Click on the entry under "Latest Issue"

Zinepal will display all the information relating to this eBook. Most of this information is self explanatory.

Click on "My Account" to return to the "view".

Click on "Edit"

On this page you can access various general settings by clicking on each of the following items:


"Affiliate Program"


"eBook Reader"

After reviewing these items you can compare all the available features and service plans as follows:

Click on "Features"

This page shows which are the basic "Free" features and which are the extended features provided with a "Pro" account.

When you are comfortable using the free version of Zinepal you may wish to utilize the Pro features by purchasing a single eBook credit or a term subscription (for unlimited usage).

You can do this at any time and meanwhile, as long as your account remains active, you will not lose any of your stored eBooks even without a current Pro subscription.

END - Additional Features

Now you have a good overview of Zinepal and you are ready to investigate the full potential of this service.

In PART 4 we will provide a reference guide for tips, tricks and troubleshooting.