PART 2 - Exploring Options


In PART 1 we learned how to create a simple eBook and register a user account. Now we'll build on this knowledge to improve the appearance of our eBook.

Let's start by repeating the steps used to compile our first eBook!

Step 1: Create (specify your web page and select stories)

Click on "Create Yours"

Type in the following web address:

Click on "Select Stories"

Zinepal will display a list of stories with the first five stories pre-selected.

Step 2: Preview (compile your eBook and preview the results)

Click on "Preview Your eBook"

Zinepal will compile your eBook and present it in a window ready for previewing.

IMPORTANT! In future, if you want to add more stories or more web pages then you can perform steps 1 & 2 repeatedly!

Step 3: Finalize (obtain your eBook in electronic format)

Click on "Customize eBook"

At this point, we want to make some changes so we will proceed as follows.

This page shows the list of stories. On the right side is a set of buttons to edit, format or remove each story. On the left side, next to each story, is a "+" sign.

If you hover your mouse over each "+" sign then you can drag this up or down to change the order of stories.

Above the list of stories is the eBook title "My eBook".

Type something else into the title-box (e.g. "Paul's How-To Guide")

Below the list of stories is a row of tabs for setting the eBook options:

Click on "Delivery"

Here you can set your eBook delivery preferences by selecting or deselecting the appropriate check-boxes. (Your choices will be automatically saved for future use).

Click on the check boxes to select only "E-mail me a copy of my eBook".

Click on "Keywords & Introduction"

Here you can specify some keywords that describe your eBook and allow it to be found by other users when searching the "Read Others" page. We will leave this empty for the moment.

Type something into the "Introduction" panel (e.g. "This is an introduction to my eBook"). This (optional) section will appear at the head of your eBook, as you will see.

Click on "Layout & Formatting"

Change the "Columns" value to "1" for this eBook.

Click on "Logo"

Here you can specify or upload a logo or banner which will appear at the very top of your eBook. We will skip this action for the moment.

Click on "Advertising"

Here you can upload a banner which will appear at the foot of your eBook. We will skip this action for the moment.

Click on "Templates"

A template contains the set of options which you have currently chosen. You can save this information (as a template) "before" you finalize your eBook.

The next time you wish to create a similar eBook or another one in a series, you can re-use this template by selecting it from the available list.

Click on "Update Preview"

This is your opportunity to experiment with all of the available options. Each time you click on "Update Preview" you will see how the changes affect the format and layout of your eBook.

There is one more feature which we have not yet explored.

Click on "Add New Story..."

Here you are presented with an edit-box into which you can type, copy, edit or paste a complete new story or web page. Clicking on "Save" will add this to the list of existing stories.

Each new story added in this way can be edited any time thereafter by clicking on the corresponding "Edit" button. Some extra formatting options are provided via the "Format" button.

Click on "Cancel" to exit this function.

You can make changes to your eBook and repeatedly preview it as often as you wish. However, once you have finalized it you cannot go back, so you should make sure the preview is exactly how you want it "before" proceeding.

Click on "Finalize eBook"

NOTE: If you are already logged-in then you will skip the next two steps.

Click on "Log In with Existing Account"

Enter your username and click on "Log in and finalize eBook".

A page is presented with optional purchase information. Now scroll down to the bottom of page.

Click on "Create free eBook with limited features..."

Done: Finished (now you can access your eBook)

NOTE: Some of the options you selected in this tutorial are only valid with a Zinepal "Pro" account. Therefore your finalized "Free" version will be slightly different from your original preview.

END - Exploring Options

Now you can experiment by quickly creating some test eBooks using your own selection of web pages. For this purpose you can ignore the "finalize" step and work in "preview" mode only.

In PART 3 we review some of the additional features specific to a finalized eBook.