PART 1 - Quick Start Guide


Like everything else, Zinepal is easy to use when you know how. This one-page tutorial is a quick start guide for everyone.

We'll begin by creating a simple eBook, eZine, electronic journal or whatever you want to call it. We'll use a typical internet blog site where each blog post is one story.

All that's required now is a few minutes time and a few mouse-clicks.

Zinepal is as easy as 1-2-3, so let's get started!

Step 1: Create (Specify your web page and select stories)

Click on "Create Yours"

Type in the following web address:

(This is just a simple web page that will provide a quicker demo than using your own web page - which you can do later!)

Click on "Select Stories"

Zinepal will display a list of stories with the first five stories pre-selected.

Step 2: Preview (Compile your eBook and preview the results)

Click on "Preview Your eBook"

Zinepal will compile your eBook and present it in a window ready for previewing.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have compiled your first eBook. (You can perform steps 1 & 2 repeatedly to add more stories - later!)

Step 3: Finalize (Obtain your eBook in electronic format)

In order to obtain a permanent electronic copy of your eBook you need to create a free user account which requires only a username and a valid email address.

The account will be used for storing your eBooks and for (optional) delivery by email.

Click on "Customize eBook"

Click on the check-box to deselect "Publish my eBook on Zinepal"

Click on "Finalize eBook"

Click on "Register New Account"

Decide on a username and enter the information. You can change your username at any time when you are logged in.

Click on "Register and finalize eBook"

(You will receive a registration email which you can ignore because you are already logged in to your account).

A page is presented with optional purchase information. Now scroll down to the bottom of page.

Click on "Create free eBook with limited features..."

Done: Finished (Now you can access your eBook)

Click on "go to eBook page"

The options for this eBook are displayed.

Click on "My Account" (at the top of page).

Here you can review and change the information in your account.

END - Quick Start Guide

Now you know the basics you can explore Zinepal yourself or learn more introductory tips in the next section.

In PART 2 we explore how to set the basic options for an eBook.